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What are we, really?

Our story

We began as The Hideaway Ranch and Retreat. Over the years we have gone through many changes in our business and personal philosophy.  In 2019 we decided to “be who we are” and to focus on the native environment and sustainability. We changed our name to The Hideaway Ranch and Refuge.  Our “mission”  is to nurture the natural ecosystem and to provide an “eco-friendly” ranch experience to our guests. We provide a refuge for our human guests, our wildlife, and our natural environment. We have adopted sustainable practices, utilize sustainable products, and strive to be an example of good environmental stewardship. We encourage our guests to embrace these ideals and take the opportunity to sit on a porch or walk one of our trails, and experience the sights and sounds of nature.

We're striving for a more sustainable operation 

                           *    created a recycling center on the ranch.  We ask that our guests sort their waste and use the bins in their cabin.
                           *    created a compost system.  Guests can place their biodegradable waste in the composter, located by the recycle center.
                           *    added an electric vehicle charger for guest use..                                                                                                                                                           *    converting our a/c units to a more efficient mini-split a/c system
                           *    in the process of converting all of our hot water heaters to tankless water heaters
                           *    placed "sustainability notebooks" in each cabin to promote sustainability and an eco-friendly mindset
                           *    reduced our domestic herd of animals to prevent over-grazing and to provide more habitat for native species.                                             *    discontinued the use of pesticides and fertilizers

Sustainability Partnerships