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Road to Vacation Ranch Hot Tub and Girl Guest Caught a fish Old Western Town Metal Horse Sculpture

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Enjoy the “Wild Life” at The Hideaway!

Enjoy the “Wild Life” at The Hideaway!
Enjoy the “Wild Life” at The Hideaway!

Yoga and HorseRanch Animals

Nature abounds at the Hideaway!  The roads are unpaved and the trails are rugged, and that’s just how the deer and the armadillos like it!  At the Hideaway Ranch, we are an Eco-friendly refuge for anything wild!  On the 150 acres of the refuge, you might see every species of plant and animal native to North Texas.  In the evening you can listen to the coyotes howling at the moon, or catch a glimpse of a great horned owl while you stargaze from your hot tub or sit by your fire!

In the morning, there is nothing like sitting on your porch enjoying a hot cup of coffee while buffalo graze nearby.  We also have Longhorn cattle, Paint horses, Zebu, Nigerian goats, llamas, and Kune-Kune pigs.  All freely roaming the property!  It’s like Yellowstone National Park without an 18-hour drive!

The Hideaway Ranch is a refuge where animals freely roam the natural ecosystem. To learn more about our Refuge read our blog - The Hideaway Ranch and Refuge - Who and Why.

Fire PitRanch Activities

The secluded cabins at the Hideaway Ranch offer you the opportunity to relax, unwind, and get back to nature!  If watching animals from your private hot tub is not enough, you can fish, hike, fossil hunt, swim in our beautiful pool, play horseshoes, or visit one of the local tourist destinations.

 At the end of the day after you’re finished with your adventures, you can grill a steak on your own grill, have a campfire in our old west town of “Buffalo Gulch,” curl up and read a book, or watch an amazing sunset!  The options are limitless! 


Cabin Map

Our cabins are secluded and are surrounded by natural landscapes on 150 acres of Texas Hill Country.  No cabin is visible from any other cabin.