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Meet the Team at The Hideaway Ranch

Traci -CEO, CFO, COO, & XYZ

Traci Blue Eyes

Jason - Trail Boss, Chief cook & bottle washer

Jason - Trail Boss

Zeke - Social Director and Poultry Supervisor

Zeke on a Horse

Cassi - Horse Whisperer

Casey Horse Whisperer

Luke - Swineherd and goat roper


Jess - Athletic Director

Jess - Athletic Director

Wild Bill, Billy the Kid, Calamity Jane- Sanitation Engineers


Wild Bill

Goat on Pigs Back

Rama Llama DingDong -  Nightwatchman

Rama Lama DingDong

Rupert - Assistant to the Regional Security Manager


Doc Holliday and Big Nose Kate - Sanitation Engineer

Dpc Holiday and Big Nose Kate Hogs

Rosco - Head of Ranch Security