The Hideaway Ranch and Retreat
County Road 196
Glen Rose, Texas, 76043, United States
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Ranch Rules

Thank you for choosing to stay at The Hideaway. We know there are many choices for you to spend your leisure time and we appreciate your business. To ensure a quality experience for everybody, we ask that you read and observe the following rules & precautions.

  1. Care must be taken around the livestock. Feel free to walk any of our trails and to explore any part of our ranch; however, please leave any gates as you find them. Please use common sense and do not approach any animal from behind. And remember if you mess with the bull, you might get the horns!
  2. FIRE SAFETY is paramount. We are 30 minutes from the nearest Fire Department. NO CANDLES OR OPEN FLAMES are allowed in or around the cabins. Grilling is not allowed during burn bans or high wind days! Campfires are never allowed! Disregarding these rules will result in immediate eviction from the property without refund
  3. Hot tubs are checked between each guest. DO NOT attempt to change the temperature settings. The hot tubs must be kept between 100F and 104F for health reasons. Please leave the hot tub covered when not in use. DO NOT USE HOT TUBS IF ALLERGIC OR SENSITIVE TO CHLORINE. DO NOT USE THE HOT TUBS IF UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR SUFFERING FROM ANY MEDICAL CONDITION. HOT TUBS ARE USED AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  4. WE DO NOT have a 24 hour staff or front desk.  In case of emergency call 911.
  5. Please leave all cabin equipment in your cabin. Please don't take silverware, chairs etc. to the pool or to other cabins.
  6. All dishes need to be washed before you leave. Like my grandma always says "leave the place like you found it"
  7. If you schedule a horseback ride, please arrive 10-15 minutes early. If you schedule a ride and cancel within 2 hours of the ride, or "no show", you will be charged the full amount of the ride.
  8. Sometime during your stay you may get a visit from our “Head of Ranch security” (Rosco). This is his home and he reserves the right to make rounds. PLEASE DO NOT allow him into your cabin or lock him into your yard.
  9. The Hideaway Ranch & Retreat is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Please use caution and common sense if you see any wild animals. We have done everything we can to limit bee, wasp & other insect sanctuaries, but this is the “great outdoors” and some will still be present.
  10. Please do not drive or park on the grass. Please stay on the designated roads or parking areas.
  11. Speed limit on the property is 15 mph. If you arrive in a cloud of may be asked to leave in a cloud of dust.Please take a look around before you leave.
  12. We charge $10.00 plus the cost of shipping to return lost items.
  13. Please remember Ranch facilities are only for our registered guests.  Please don't invite friends, neighbors, street performers, hobo's, etc. to join you at the pool or your cabin.  We have facilities for groups by reservation in our town of Buffalo Gulch.
  14. Lastly, checkout time is by 11am. We cannot allow late check-outs. We need the 4 hours between 11am -3pm to clean the cabins and get them ready for our next guests. We reserve the right to charge a late fee of $20.00 per ½ hour for late checkouts. Thank you for your consideration.